Importer & Distributor of Quality Imaging Equipment


All the products we distribute have been carefully chosen, they have to be well designed, functional and made to the highest standards. They must stand up to demanding, professional use; however, even the best products in the world need servicing or replacement parts on occasion or are the victims of accidents!

Should you experience an issue with an item you have purchased then you should in the first instance contact the retailer from which the item was purchased. Alternatively you may contact us directly.

Quantum Service:

Quantum products are built to last and serve under the most demanding conditions. You can expect many years of reliable performance; however batteries and flashtubes have a finite life, cables can wear out and other parts are subject to wear & tear...

For all your service & repair needs (incl. Warranty Repairs) please send your Quantum equipment to us, Flaghead Photographic Ltd, or to:

Fixation UK Ltd
Unit C
250 Kennington Lane
SE11 5RD
Tel: 020 7582 3294
Fax: 020 7582 9050

Fixation is the only authorised UK service provider for Quantum products apart from Flaghead Photographic Ltd! They are also a Nikon Official Service Centre & Canon Professional Service Centre.