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Quantum Instruments

Quantum Instruments

Quantum Instruments has been the world leader in the development and manufacture of external battery packs to enhance the performance of portable flashguns for more than 20 years! Early on Quantum also developed a specialist remote triggering device: the famous Radio Slave. This has recently been joined by the sophisticated digital FREEXWIRE. And then there are Quantum’s own very unique, battery operated flash units: the QFlash System, which can be powered by Quantum’s own QPaq or Turbo batteries and some other manufacturers power source.

The latest addition is the Omicron LED Ringlite range, with versions for both still and video capture

And last, but not least, there are 4 Photometers for industrial, scientific and laboratory use. These give extremely accurate light readings in foot-candle, lux, foot-lambert or Candela/M2 mode.