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The Ringflash Adapter is unique! It was developed by a professional photographer from the Czech Republic. It was designed to be as light and as portable as possible. There are no electronics, no flashtubes and no cumbersome cables! It uses a clever system of internal prisms, reflectors and light-shapers to distribute the light emitted from the flash unit evenly around the large diameter of the ringflash adapter. This creates the same lighting effect normally only available from ringflash units made by studio flash equipment manufacturers, which are expensive, heavy and tethered, i.e. have a cable from ringflash to power pack.

The Ringflash Adapter creates a very special lighting effect: a "3D shadow-wrapped look". Because all light originates from the front, i.e. from around the lens, it produces a virtually shadow-less look on the front of your subject, while a soft even shadow appears around the edges. It is ideally suited for fashion, portrait and beauty images as a main or fill-in light.

The Ringflash Adapter does not change the colour temperature of the flash unit and the additional weight can easily be accommodated by the on-camera flash unit.

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