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Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • TetherTools Case Air Wireless Tethering System

    We are excited to announce the Case Air Wireless Tethering System - the worlds smallest, lightest and most powerful two-way smart camera controller. This WiFi based tethering solution connects and instantly transfers images and video to phones, tablets and computers at ranges up to 150 feet. Case Air lets you control advanced camera settings including focus adjustments, exposure settings, bracketing, time-lapse, HDR, and more. View your images on a larger screen to check critical focus and composition, or use live-view or movie mode for real-time capture to share and collaborate as you create.

    For full product information please see here

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  • Voigtländer’s NEW Sony E Mount lenses out now!

    The recent release of Sony E Mount lenses has created a lot of interest, it seems Voigtländer have created some very interesting wide angle optics to complement the popular Sony full-size-sensor camera range.

    Take a look at the 10mm here and the 15mm here


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  • Case Relay Camera Power System: Power your camera with any 5V external battery pack or AC power source

    The Case Relay Camera Power System (CPS) lets you power your camera continually with any USB 5V battery pack or wall power, providing peace of mind knowing you have an uninterrupted power source for your camera.

    With Case Relay, you’ll never run out of power and never need to stress about forgetting your camera batteries. If you’re shooting and get low on battery power, simply swap out external USB battery packs throughout your shoot. Case Relay’s internal UPS battery will keep your camera powered while you exchange external batteries. Utilizing a wall outlet or multiple USB battery packs, you could in theory shoot forever with consistent power flowing to your camera through Case Relay.

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